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Where can I buy KIGO?
KIGO can be bought from:
Selfridges Oxford Street, London W1, UK
or online from:
The Whisky Exchange
Coe Vintners
Tazaki Foods

KIGO is a genuine Japanese Shochu, distilled at the picturesque Kyo-ya distillery in Nichinan which is located in the Miyazaki prefecture on Kyushu, Japan’s most southern island.
KIGO is made using the finest local sweet potatoes organically grown in Miyazaki’s temperate climate.
In addition the highest grade of Yamadanichiki rice is used with black and white Koji, finished off with water from a local mountain spring.

Mr. Watanabe, a sixth generation Shochu maker, has honed his skills making award winning Shochu.
By using only traditional methods of Shochu production, he has made KIGO.
KIGO is a handmade, fine, delicate spirit with nuances and subtleties of flavour.

KIGO is versatile in its uses from being served neat, on the rocks, with water or green tea, to its use in cocktails.
It is the perfect accompaniment to food and brings a convivial atmosphere to any gathering.


Product of Japan

Available worldwide

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